Facial Implants


Facial balance is a very important component in how we look. Some people have what they feel is a "weak chin". Sometimes this is due to the chin itself and sometimes it is related to the position of the teeth and the jaws along with the chin. Having facial balance restored can have a dramatic effect on how we look. One of the easiest ways is with implants to the chin.

Advancing the chin will affect the look of the neck and smooth out a "short neck" or help balance the lower face with the nose. I will many times suggest augmenting the chin along with a rhinoplasty to create facial harmony. Having more prominence to the chin area can give the impression the nose is smaller. Also, the results of a facelift can be improved by adding some prominence to the chin which lengthens the neck. A chin implant is often combined with liposuction of the neck to create a dramatic change in the neck contour.

Each chin implant is planned specifically for the individual using facial analysis. There are different styles of chin implants available that can be used to give a more rounded or square chin after placement. Chin implants are designed for both men and women.

How do I decided on the size of the chin implant?

This is a descision we make together. There is no one single size of chin implant for everyone. You will have a facial analysis done for you using life size photographs that will help determine the amount of chin advancement best for you.

How are chin implants placed?

Chin implants are placed using either an incision just inside the lower lip or one placed under the chin. One incision is not necessarily better than the other. We will help decide which is the best one for you. The surgery is done while you are asleep and typically takes 30 -60 minutes. The area around the chin is numbed during surgery so you feel minimal discomfort after the surgery. Dissolving stitches are used. You can eat after surgery but care must be taken not put pressure on the area of the incisions if it was made inside the lip. Chin implants can be placed along with other procedures on the face, neck or nose.

What are the chin implants made of?

Chin implants are made out of solid silicone or another type of plastic material. Chin implants made of these materials have been used for over 30 years and have a great safety record. The implants can be placed through small incisions because they are either designed to be a bit flexible or come in two pieces which lock together once placed.

Will I ever need to have the chin implant replaced?

Today's chin implants are designed to never need replacing.

What are the risk of my chin implant moving?

Chin implants are placed in a tight "pocket" created just on top of the bone and this tight pocket holds the implant in place while you heal. As you heal, the body "locks" the implant in place and prevents its displacement. For those individuals that may have unusual pressure placed on their chin from a helmet chin strap or a tight fitting mask there are chin implants that can be directly fixed to the chin area bone.

What is the healing time?

The healing time for a chin implant is about 7 – 14 days which allows for the swelling and bruising to resolve. However, one can return to work sooner if desired. It is best to avoid vigorous exercise for a couple of weeks after the procedure.

Chin implants can make a dramatic difference in one's profile and neck appearance. If you have ever thought you might like a stronger chin let us at Beautologie help you look and feel your best.