Weight Loss

Beautologie Weight Loss Center

Beautologie is making history again, introducing the most comprehensive weight loss program this region has ever seen. We've gathered the best local resources and partnered them with our center to create a weight loss program that offers all options and addresses all the different aspects of weight loss: nutrition, exercise, and a "little help"!

Non-Invasive Weight Loss

For clients trying to lose that last 15 to 30 pounds, or for clients trying to get to a goal weight before surgery, we offer a non invasive (no surgery) weight loss program. Under a doctor and nurses supervision, with regular labwork and EKG monitoring, you will ensure a healthful, gradual progression toward your goal.

$350 per month, or $675 for three months includes:

  • Full physical by a physician
  • Blood work and EKG every 3 months
  • Monitoring and diet counseling by RN
  • Phenteramine appetite suppressant tablets
  • B12 shots at regular intervals to keep your mood high and energy up

Lap Band Surgery

The Lap Band is a safe, minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible surgical treatment for morbid obesity. It induces weight loss by reducing the capacity of the stomach, thereby restricting the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. Using a small port underneath your skin, the amount of restriction can be adjusted at regular intervals, until the desired weight loss is achieved.

Lap band weight loss surgery is an out-patient procedure under general anesthesia (about 1 hour), performed right here by expert surgeons in our fully accredited operating room. The surgery is performed laparoscopically, through 5 tiny incisions on the abdominal wall. Most patients go back to work in a week or less, and weight loss usually starts right away!

$14,850 (or about $200 a month financed OAC) includes:

  • The lap band, operating room and anesthesia costs
  • All follow up visits to the office
  • Fills for one year

Nutritional Counseling

Utilizing independent nutritionists, Beautologie offers consultation with a certified nutritionist that will evaluate your diet, and provide recommendations on changes you can make to achieve your weight loss goals.

$200 includes nutrition evaluation and recommendations

Exercise Counseling

Partnerships with local health clubs give you the best options for starting and maintaining your exercise program. Prices vary depending on club and options desired and can be discussed with your weight loss coordinator.