Buttock Augmentation


If you ever wished to have larger or more curvaceous buttock, there are now procedures available which can make a dramatic difference in the shape of your buttock. Buttock reshaping can be done with buttock implants (also called gluteal implants), fat grafting, liposuction or buttock lifting - all of which are safe procedures. Dr. Lehocky specializes in buttock surgery and is experienced in all the aspects of buttock augmentation and reshaping.

Changing the shape of the buttocks with diet and exercise alone often is ineffective because the majority of the shape of the buttock is contributed to by the shape of the butt muscle (called the gluteus maximus). The muscle can be made more toned with exercise but the overall shape cannot be changed. If one's butt is flat, no amount of exercise can make the muscle round and filled out. However, buttock augmentation CAN accomplish a real change in the shape and projection of the buttock giving you the curves you have always wanted.

About the Procedure

Enlarging the buttocks with implants is very similar to enlarging the breasts with breast implants. Breast implants are a silicone "bag" with either saline or silicone filling the bag. Buttock implants need to be a bit more firm so they are made of layered soft solid silicone. They are made this way because the buttock implants are made to feel like a toned buttock muscle which is more firm than a breast. Because they are solid, buttock implants will not break or leak. They are approved by the FDA for buttock implantation and are totally safe. They can be stepped on and will not break or cut with scissors and nothing will leak out. Buttock implants do not depend on fat areas in other sections of your body so nearly everyone is a candidate for them.

There are different sizes and shapes of buttock implants just like there are for breast implants. Some are round and some more oval in shape. Dr. Lehocky will help you decide the best implant for your particular body shape and goals. The size and shape can vary according to the degree of change you desire and your ethnic heritage.

Buttock implants are not just for women either. Men can often improve their appearance with buttock implants and achieve a shape not possible with exercise alone. The male buttock is different in shape than a female but there are implants made to fit a man's frame.

Buttock implants require general anesthesia to be placed. The incision is typically approximately 3 inches in length and is placed between the buttock cheeks so it is well hidden even in the skimpiest clothes. The implants are then either placed within the gluteus muscle or on top of the muscle. There is little bleeding with the procedure. Discomfort after the surgery is controlled with pain medicine taken by mouth. A surgical garment is required to be worn for two to three weeks after the surgery. You are able to go home after the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sit?

You are allowed to sit for short periods from the first day of surgery. You must wear the garment when you are sitting. It is best to keep pressure off the buttock by laying on your stomach or sitting with pillows under your thighs and at your lower back. After 3 weeks, you may sit unrestricted.

When can I return to work and exercise?

Recuperation generally takes 1 to 2 weeks. Most people are able to return to light activities after that time. Strenuous activity like vigorous exercise and running are best after waiting at least a month after the procedure. It is always best to start slow and listen to what your body tells you.

Won't it be uncomfortable to sit on the implants?

Actually when we sit in a firm chair with correct posture, we do not sit on our gluteus muscle but underneath the muscle resting on a boney area. Most people do not feel the implant when they sit but some do slightly. The implant is similar firmness as the muscle so it is generally not noticed in time.

Is silicone (what the implants are made from) safe?

Silicone is used in many items in our everyday life and in medicine. It is in candy, toothpaste and many medical products we take or use. The issues with the safety of silicone have been addressed with many scientific studies and there is no evidence of problems with autoimmune disease or other medical problems. Solid silicone has been used in medicine for decades with a safe record.

How long does the surgery take?

Buttock augmentation with implants takes about 2 to 3 hours to perform. It is done with general anesthesia so you will not be aware of any part of the surgery.

Does it hurt?

Buttock implants have similar discomfort as breast implants. You are numbed up while you are asleep so when you wake up you have no discomfort. Regular pain medicine is given by mouth to help you be comfortable after the surgery.

How much does the surgery cost?

Buttock augmentation has a range of cost depending on which implants are used and what additional procedures are done for the buttock reshaping. Our Patient Care Coordinators at Beautologie will be able to help you prepare for the procedure and arrange financing to help you look your best.